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 The History of The Greenham Family 

The Family has been traced back to Somerset in England, with reference to Greenham Barton.

The Greenham family came to australia with Captian James Cook's Brother, which was quite interesting on We have Records of Elizabeth Hockey and Charles Greenham

Greenham Barton is a 15th century manor house in the civil parish of Stawley, Somerset, England (at Greenham, west of Wellington in Somerset). It has been designated as a Grade I listed building. 

In early 14th century the local lords of the manor were the Bluett and Cothay families, who owned both the nearby Cothay Manor and Greenham Barton. The manor came to the Bluett family around 1300 when Sir Walter Bluett married the daughter of the then owner Simon de Gryndenham. Later -in the early 14th century- John Bluett, the elder son of the union of the Bluett family with the Cothay family, inherited Greenham Barton, with the younger son Richard inheriting Cothay.

The original house consisted of living quarters around a courtyard with the Great Hall being added in the 16th century.2]

During World War I the condition of the house deteriorated until it was bought by a Mr Fry in 1920 and renovated. Further restoration has been undertaken since 1968 when it was bought by Mr ER Willis.[

Greenham Barton Photo

Above is the Photo of Greenham Barton taken by Roger Cornfoot.

Greenham Family Tree

Above is the current copy of the family tree.